The Condo Crisis:
Condominiums are one of the fastest growing building types in America—with a higher than normal risk for architects. Insurers report a disproportionate number of claims against architects related to multi-family housing, especially condos, leading to higher rates, higher deductibles and caps on the amount of condo work by an insured firm. Construction defect litigation related to condo projects is on the rise, particularly in certain states—leading to special legislation in at least 27 states to date.

With increasing demand for urban housing, the AIA Trust believes that architects who engage in condominium projects should take special measures to protect themselves. By following the links on the right, AIA Members may access tools to help you and your clients evaluate and reduce the risks associated with condo projects.

This information is provided as a member service and neither the Author nor the AIA Trust are rendering legal advice. Laws vary by state and members should seek competent legal counsel to evaluate these suggestions and to advise the member on proper risk management tools for each project.

The Resources:
Risk Management Ideas for
Condominium Projects

White Paper and Executive Summary (pdf)
A. Risk Management Ideas (pdf)
B. Sample Condominium Contract Clauses (doc)
C. Form Letter Requesting Financial Information (pdf)
D. Project Evaluation Form (pdf)
E. The Uniform Condominium Act (pdf)
F. 50 State Survey on Joint and Several Liability (doc)
G. “Right to Cure” Laws (doc)


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