Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+)

The AIA Trust now offers AIA members and their families travel assistance, through Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+)—a crucial safety net that helps you pay for emergencies when traveling that your health insurance generally will NOT cover—all at an extremely low annual rate.

This assistance includes:

  • Medical Evacuation
  • Medical Assistance
  • Travel Assistance
  • Assistance for Companions

Whether you’re traveling for work . . . on a short weekend trip with your family . . . or on a vacation, AIA Trust EA+ automatically steps in to help you with more than 20 emergency and medical services . . . to help you focus on your recovery and NOT on the costs. You simply call the toll-free hotline and EA+ will immediately help—or call the toll-free hotline for valuable pre-trip help as well.

Click here to take a look at everything EA+ does for you—and the low annual rates now available to AIA members.