The AIA Trust offers AIA members a brokerage service to find suitable individual, family, and small group healthcare programs. This service,, is accessible via the AIA Trust website. In addition, the AIA Trust offers numerous ancillary health-related plans, ranging from Dental Insurance and Medicare Supplement Plans to new plans such as Cancer Insurance and a Hospital Indemnity Plan—which may provide you with the financial assistance you need. See below for details on each of the AIA Trust health coverage plans. Brokerage Service

The AIA Trust offers a convenient, no-cost, no-obligation service available to help you find reputable, cost-effective health coverage for yourself—as well as for your family or firm. With you can get free online quotes, choose from a large selection of affordable health insurance plans from leading health insurance companies, get live agent support, and apply for health insurance online.

Hospital Income Protection

Hospital costs are rising faster than ever. Even with major medical coverage or Medicare, a sudden trip to the hospital often leaves a significant portion of the bill that’s YOURS. That’s why it’s important to protect yourself against this financial hardship and have a back-up plan like the AIA Trust Hospital Income Protection.

Cancer Care Insurance

Cancer is a deadly risk, and more so as we get older. Cancer treatment costs can be very high and many think all their cancer costs will be paid by other their medical insurance. Not so! Medicare and other Major Medical plans rarely pay 100%. You may have to pick up a portion of the costs, sometimes many thousands of dollars. The AIA Trust Cancer Care Plan helps cover these expenses by sending you extra cash benefits when you're caught in a battle with cancer, so you can concentrate on just getting well. Since the best way to beat cancer is to catch it early, this plan also helps you pay for covered outpatient diagnostic tests for cancer for you and your covered dependents. Click here for details.

Medicare Supplement

In addition, for members 65 or older, Group Medicare Supplement plans give you solid protection against today’s high medical bills while protecting your freedom to choose your doctor at the same time.

National Healthcare Reform

The passage of comprehensive health care reform in March 2010 has posed numerous questions—many of which still need to be answered. Various reforms will go into effect in progressive years; many of the details involving those reforms have yet to be worked out by government regulators at the national and state levels. Below are links to two summaries, one of the timing of various provisions and one of the general implications. Many issues remain at the insurance and regulatory levels that will impact employers and policyholders. As information becomes available, the Trust will aim to bring it to you here: