Practice Coach: A Legal Information Service

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Need a Practice Coach?

When you’re a subscriber, the experts at LegaLine—AIA Trust’s unique legal information service available only to AIA Members—will provide you with information to help you negotiate and interpret contracts, manage risks and prevent lawsuits, improve client communication, resolve or mitigate disputes with clients, employees, and contractors—even help you determine whether you  need to hire a lawyer in a specific situation.

“As a subscriber to LegaLine since its inception, it has proven to be one of my best and most sensible investments. LegaLine has helped me create my own Terms & Conditions, review Owner-proposed contracts, negotiate employment terms with staff, make those tough business decisions . . . and always added value to my business practice. LegaLine is a priceless resource.”   —Long-time LegaLine Subscriber

practice-coachBy subscribing to LegaLine, you can have unlimited access to legal information for little more than a dollar a day. As a United States-based LegaLine subscriber, you will receive prompt responses by telephone to your practice-related legal questions all year long. And what you’ll learn will help prevent costly and destructive legal problems. Your inquiries will be answered by Charles R. Heuer, FAIA, Esq. or a member of his staff. Mr. Heuer is an architect, attorney, professional liability consultant and mediator.

Click on one of the links below—or call 1-800-688-9780 to learn more.

Please note that LegaLine Services are offered as an information resource on practice-related legal and professional practice topics and are not offered as legal, architectural, accounting, or other professional services. Neither your subscription nor any telephone conversation will establish an attorney-client relationship.