Cutting Edge White Papers

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As another member benefit, the AIA Trust regularly commissions experts to author white papers on cutting edge topics important to architects in managing their risks and running their practices successfully. Check back frequently for the latest information on topics vital to your practice—and your success.


Disability, Accessibility & Liability:

What an Architect Should Know

Architects can be sued for ADA or FHA violations in a multitude of ways—all relating to their project designs. Find out what the pitfalls and preventative measures are to avoid a lawsuit—and what to do if you are dragged into a case.
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Selling, Merging, Or Closing Your Practice?

Financial considerations, firm culture and professional careers must each be considered in choosing the most suitable course of action for a practice as each entails various consequences. Identify the critical processes, factors, and appropriate steps for transitioning firm ownership.
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LeMessurier Stands Tall: A Case Study in Professional Ethics

Everyone makes mistakes, but when the cost of revealing mistakes are high, it is difficult to look beyond our own interests for the sake of others. Reacquaint yourself with the ethical duties you have as an architect.
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Undertaking A “Fiduciary Duty”: Crucial Legal & Professional Considerations For Architects

Breach of fiduciary duty suits against design professionals happen. If designated a “fiduciary”, the architect failed to protect against contractual overreaching. Find key strategies to enable you to avoid the “fiduciary” label, especially at the contracting stage.
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The Collections-Claim Connection: Getting Paid Without Getting Sued

Payment issues may be the single greatest warning sign of a project in trouble given the remarkably frequent correlation of collecting unpaid fees through litigation and even larger responsive counter­ claims from clients alleging professional negligence. Track your financial success with strategies, forms, and check-lists.
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A Sustainable Standard of Care?

Increasing “opportunities of innovation” create expectations of finding new ways of building projects better, faster, cheaper, greener. What happens to the Standard of Care when no one has done ‘that’ before? Find principles, processes, and basic strategy to keep pace with the many changes in technology and sustainability impacting your practice.
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The ABC’s of E-Data

The sources, formats, and volume of electronic data are quickly proliferating, raising important liability issues such as the rules of discovery requirements, the management of e-data, and handling of Metadata (the hidden data that can divulge information detrimental to your firm). Find steps to help ensure appropriate protocols and minimize risk in your firm.
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Managing the Risks & Embracing the Benefits of Going Green

Design professionals and their clients find their world changing rapidly, especially regarding the benefits and risks of sustainability. Find tools to help evaluate benefits, reduce risks, and successfully manage new laws, new products, and new expectations from clients.
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Risk Management Ideas for Condominium Projects

Condos, one of the most popular building types, have higher than normal risk for architects which require special measures to protect design professionals. Find tools to help you evaluate and reduce your risk.
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