Cutting Edge Risk Management Tools

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Strategically manage your risks—see below for reports that will help you make the best decisions—and check back frequently for new ones. For an overview of the various risk management tools that the AIA Trust offers members, click here.

Risk Management Strategies

Because your firm has risk, the AIA Trust has teamed with Victor O. Schinnerer & Co., Inc. to help you minimize those risks. From Guidelines for Improving Practice and Management Advisories to tips on reviewing a contract and Voluntary Education Programs that you can take for credit—a veritable goldmine of risk management strategies await you—take advantage of these resources now! Click here to see the listing.

Click here to view Schinnerer’s risk management blog, with examples of contract review issues & claims examples, plus updates & guidance from the design and construction industry.

Risk Management White Papers

As a member benefit, the AIA Trust regularly commissions experts to author white papers on cutting edge topics important to architects in managing their risks and running their practices successfully. Check back frequently for the latest information on topics vital to your practice—and your success. View the available white papers.

Claims Studies—brought to you by CNA/Schinnerer

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  • A general guide to assist the member in the handling of a claim, from the anticipating, reporting & managing a claim, including utilizing pre-claim assistance, to defending against a claim, resolving a dispute, and even litigating a claim.
  • 2009 Small Firm Claims Study indicates that most claims made against small firms derive from either delays and extras or property damage and offers case study examples—with tips on how to avoid these claims.
  • Anatomy of a Large Architectural Claim explores how Schinnerer’s risk management matrix can offer a systematic approach to analyzing and assessing risks—to help you reduce risks on new projects.
  • Read how the risks of residential design continue to rise—and how you can better manage these risks: Residential Claims Study.

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Sustainability Issues

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The world is changing rapidly and design professionals must find ways to address sustainability for their clients, while effectively managing the inherent challenges. The following reports lend some insight to this ever-evolving aspect of architectural design:

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The AIA Trust Professional Liability Insurer Database

The AIA Trust Professional Liability Database is a searchable directory of Professional Liability Insurers designed to give AIA member architects critical information about one of the most important purchasing decisions they will make for themselves and their firms. This tool is designed to be simple to use, to get the information you’re looking for in front of you quickly and easily, including useful tips on how to go about selecting professional liability insurance and selecting a broker.

Annual Survey of the Professional Liability Insurance Industry

Each year, the AIA Trust with its NSPE and ACEC counterparts surveys the professional liability insurance industry to identify trends and offerings and how A/E firms can best position themselves to reduce risk.The AIA Trust Professional Liability Insurance Program offered by Victor O. Schinnerer (VOSCO) and CNA still checks out as the best. Click here to access the actual survey results.

In-person interviews are also conducted where carriers are asked to provide more detail and perspective on their written answers regarding claims type and severity, building information modeling, integrated practice delivery, technology and sustainability issues, and how to reduce risks among other trending topics. A summary of information from the most recent interviews may be helpful to members in evaluating risks and determining appropriate professional liability insurance coverage. The summary is available to AIA members by clicking here.

Practice Coach: LegaLine

A Legal Information Service for Members & Firms

When you’re a subscriber, the experts at LegaLine—AIA Trust’s unique legal information service available only to AIA Members—will provide you with information to help you negotiate and interpret contracts, manage risks and prevent lawsuits, improve client communication, resolve or mitigate disputes with clients, employees, and contractors—or help you determine whether you need to hire a lawyer in a specific situation.

NEW first-time AIA architect members can enjoy a FREE, six-month subscription to LegaLine. Click here for subscription information, including introductory specials.

AIA Trust News—Manage Your Risks

White papersManage Your Risks, the Trust’s quarterly risk management newsletter is chock-full of useful tips and recent developments that can help you ensure the success of your firm. Organized by topic, such as professional liability issues or retirement planning, you’ll find a wealth of helpful information to protect your firm and its future.

The AIA Trust assumes no liability for the use of this information by AIA members or by others who by clicking on any of the links above agree to use the same at their sole risk. Any other reproduction or use is strictly prohibited. This information is provided as a member service and neither the authors nor the AIA Trust is rendering legal advice. Laws vary by state and members should seek legal counsel or professional advice to evaluate these suggestions and to advise the member on proper risk management tools for each project.