Auto/Home Insurance Products & More

Thanks to the AIA Trust's group buying power, you can save money on your automobile and homeowner's insurance. Liberty Mutual offers special member discounts on top of their already-low prices, with no compromise in their exceptional customer service standards. In addition, Liberty Mutual also offers tenant, boat, and umbrella coverage to meet all your personal needs—as well as home office insurance.

Liberty Mutual is committed to providing you with affordable rates, high-quality services, and information to help you and your family live safer, more secure lives. Liberty Mutual can save you up to $300 or more a year on auto insurance—and save on home insurance as well.

With Group Savings Plus, you'll enjoy:

  • An exclusive member group discount of up to 10% off already competitive rates
  • Rates guaranteed for 12 months
  • Convenient payment plans
  • Additional savings based on your age, driving experience, education level, auto equipment

Round-the-clock claims service and roadside assistance. For more information about how Liberty Mutual can help you—and for a quote, click here—and start saving today!