The AIA Trust Professional Liability Insurer Database

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A Risk Management Resource for AIA Members

The AIA Trust Professional Liability Insurance Database is a searchable and browsable directory of Professional Liability Insurers designed to give you, as an AIA member architect, the critical information you need about one of the most important purchasing decisions that you will make for you and your firm.

The AIA Trust Professional Liability Insurance Program is provided by Victor O. Schinnerer & Co., Inc. and CNA and their profile can be found here.

This tool is designed to be simple to use, to get the information you’re looking for in front of you quickly and easily.

Navigate the DatabaseSearching the Database

Not all members will want to use this resource in the same way every time. So there are three basic search scenarios:

  1. You want to browse through the Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) providers in our database;
  2. You need to find a specific provider;
  3. You want filtered search results based on criteria you specify.

Click here for more information on searching the database.


Useful tips on how to go about selecting professional liability insurance and selecting a broker are just a click away.


On the search page, some words are highlighted. Simply place your cursor over these words to get a clarification of the term as used in the form. There is also a glossary with definitions in alphabetical order, some with lengthier explanations.

Browse & Compare

When browsing the list of insurers, you may compare up to three by clicking the box next to each and then the “Compare” button at the bottom of the page. This may come in handy if you’ve received multiple bids from your broker. The information provided enables you to contact insurers directly for more information or simply visit their websites.