Term Life

Look around your home and your practice . . . do you believe you have the amount of life insurance in place to help replace your income, maintain your family’s lifestyle, and provide for their future if you’re no longer there? Having adequate life insurance protection can be an important part of your family’s future financial security.

The AIA Trust Group Term Life Insurance Plan* offers AIA Members affordable group rates, typically less than what you’d pay for individual coverage to provide up to $1 million in term life benefits for qualified individuals. » Click for details.

The AIA Trust Group 10 and 20 year level Plans can guarantee your rates for the term of the insurance and provide up to $1 million in coverage for qualified individuals. You can also add protection for your spouse and your unmarried dependent children on any of the Group Term Life Plans. » Click for details.

The AIA Trust Firm Term Life Plan* may go a long way toward helping make sure your employees’ loved ones are financially taken care of, if something happens to them, and by offering this product as part of your employer-provided benefits, you may offer a value-added benefit that may help attract, retain, and motivate employees. » Click for details.

Individual Term Life—
Higher Coverage Amounts Now Available for AIA Members

Get a free quote now in just seconds! If you’re in excellent health and looking for low cost, high limit term life insurance, you could save money and provide financial security for your loved ones. If your health isn't so excellent and you have had trouble obtaining coverage, this service may help as well. Without pressure or obligation, our experts can help you select an insurance company and term policy that suits you.

Check out your potential money-saving options in this AIA Trust program. » Click for details.