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Plan Your Approach

A good approach to managing your risks with BIM is to follow a checklist as the project develops. There may be a need to revise the checklist based on changing project requirements. One example of such a checklist is included below.

BIM Execution Checklist

AIA Professional Services Agreement Executed

  • AIA Standard Form of Owner-Architect Agreement
  • E203-2013 included by contract amendment
  • G201-2013 included by contract amendment
  • G202-2013 included by contract amendment

Owner Dialogue

  • Discuss BIM model content and detail to clarify scope of services
  • Explain limitations of use of the BIM
  • Understand owner’s intended future use of BIM for facility operations, if any


  • Consulting firms with acceptable BIM capabilities
  • Experienced teams assigned
  • Insurance certificates on file
  • Architect-Consultant Agreements executed


  • No AIA Professional Services Agreement Executed
  • C106-2013 Licensing Agreement Executed
  • Model Element Table added to clarify BIM use

BIM Execution Plan / BIM Protocol Manual

  • Conditions agreed upon
  • BIM Execution Plan prepared
  • BIM Execution Plan distributed

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