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Suggested CCA Services
Summary & Checklist

Services Agreement:

  • Do not provide services without a written agreement
  • Do not agree to services that are not reasonable
  • Use AIA documents
  • Provide CCA services during construction (state statutes may require)
  • Provide all services required in the contract
  • Document owner-waived services in writing

Statutes and Standards:

  • Read and conform to adopted state jurisdiction statutes
  • Determine if the state has adopted minimum CCA requirements
  • Be aware of codes and standards affecting the project
  • Conform to the standard of care

Site Visits:

  • Check state regulatory requirements for site visits
  • Provide site visits as required in the services agreement
  • Discuss with owner the need for appropriate site observations for determining conformance and completion
  • Discuss with owner the difference between “observations” and “inspections”
  • Provide a Site Observation Report with each site visit

Submittal Review:

  • Check state regulatory requirements for submittal review
  • Require a submittal schedule from the contractor
  • Discuss submittals in the Preconstruction Conference
  • Review only specified submittals
  • Log and track submittals independently from the contractor

Request for Information:

  • Use AIA form G714, Request for Information
  • Discuss RFIs in the Preconstruction Conference
  • Send RFIs to the owner and contractor for contract required information that is not provided
  • Log and track RFIs independently from the contractor

Change Processing:

  • Prepare and sign all change documents
  • Log and track changes independently from contractor
  • Do not certify payment for changes until the change documents are executed
  • Qualify your change order signature as, “Not for Cost Approval”
  • Send an RFI to the contractor if change order pricing is not timely

Payment Certifications:

  • Use AIA document G702, Application and Certificate for Payment
  • se AIA document G703, Continuation Sheet
  • Require notarized contractor signatures on the application
  • Do not certify payment for owner’s separate consultants or separate contractors
  • Use an enclosure letter or letter of transmittal when sending certification to owner
  • onsider qualifying architect’s certification language in the enclosure letter or on the certificate itself
  • Address any special administrative requirements in the preconstruction conference

Substantial and Final Completion:

  • Use AIA document G704, Certificate of Substantial Completion
  • Check to be sure the date of substantial completion is clearly indicated
  • Note if the punch list is attached or under separate cover
  • Check to be sure the designated portion of the project is clearly indicated
  • Include the note, “all remaining areas of the project,” on the last certificate issued
  • List all known owner accepted nonconforming work
  • Only certify work required under the issuing party’s services agreement

Project Meetings:

  • The Preconstruction Conference is the primary construction phase planning meeting
  • The Contractor’s Work Plan should include contractor managed meetings
  • Mock-up Review Meetings should be included in the Project Construction Schedule
  • All meetings should be reported in writing
  • Attendees should take notes in all meetings
  • Inaccurate published meeting minutes should be rebutted in writing before the next meeting

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