The AIA Trust understands that most things in your life depend on your ability to earn an income. If a disabling injury or illness stops your ability to work, how will you pay your mortgage, household bills, and business expenses if you can no longer work? Will you have to dip into your savings or other assets? With the potential risk and so much financial uncertainty surrounding a disability, why not help protect yourself and your assets?

The AIA Trust offers these affordable solutions to help you:

  • With the Group Disability Income Insurance Plan*, you can collect up to 60% of your monthly income and your benefits are tax-free if you pay for your coverage yourself. » Click for details.
  • The Group Business Overhead Disability Insurance Plan* helps you pay major office expenses like employee salaries, rent, business loans, utilities, professional membership fees, insurance premiums and other monthly business bills. » Click for details.
  • The Firm Disability Insurance Plan helps to attract and retain the best people by offering the best benefit package at competitive group rates. Considering the cost of lost wages due to long term illness or injury, your benefit package should definitely include disability coverage. » Click for details.