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A.M. Best Company Rating: A+
Insurer Financial Size Category: XV
Continuous Years Providing Coverage in A/E Marketplace: 37

Where Licensed to Write/Carrier Admitted

50 States/DC: YES
U.S. Territories: NO
Worldwide: YES


Policy provides worldwide coverage for claims made in the USA. Not admitted in HI and LA. Coverage not available for risks domiciled in Alaska.

Carrier: Admitted

Benefits Offered

Risk Management Education Program Credits
First Dollar Defense
Loss Control Services
Multi-Year Policies
Premium Credits with AIA Membership
Premium Credits (other)

Other Benefits:

Formal Contract Review, Loss Control and Risk Management services provided free of charge.  This includes a loss prevention hotline staffed by experienced legal counsel.  24/7 claim reporting service, defense outside the limit of liability – unlimited, single annual aggregate deductible, each claim deductible and split deductibles of two times and three times aggregate deductibles available. 5 Extended Reporting Period (ERP) options including unlimited.  Can include options for Waiver of Subrogation, Specific Project Excess and Specific Client Excess limits of liability.

Special Coverage

Prior Acts

Other Special Coverage:

Personal injury, blanket joint venture, leased employee, A.D.A., F.F.H.A and O.S.H.A supplemental payments, Incidental Pollution Liability arising our of professional services, and 50% Mediation Deductible Credit.  Follow Form Excess Policy is available for Limits above a primary $2,000,000/$2,000,000 limit.

Underwriting Restrictions

Restrictions on percentage of multifamily and/or condominiums

Special Exclusions / Conditions

Other Special Exclusions:

Contact Provider for further information.

Deductibles and Limits

Minimum Deductible: $2,500
Maximum Deductible: $100,000
Coverage Limits: $5,000,000