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Los Angeles, CA 90017
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Company Agent


Internal Employed Underwriters


A.M. Best Company Rating: A+
Insurer Financial Size Category: XV
Continuous Years Providing Coverage in A/E Marketplace: 19

Where Licensed to Write/Carrier Admitted

50 States/DC: YES
U.S. Territories: NO
Worldwide: YES


Base policy provides coverage for wrongful acts occuring anywhere in the world, however the claim must be brought within the U.S.

Carrier: Admitted

Benefits Offered

Risk Management Education Program Credits
Contract Review Services
Pre-Claims Assistance
Premium Credits with Experience or Education
Premium Credits with AIA Membership

Special Coverage

Prior Acts

Other Special Coverage:

  • Innocent insureds coverage
  • Joint venture coverage
  • Predecessor firm coverage
  • Automatic subsidiary coverage up to 90 days
  • Punitive damages with most favorable venue
  • Claims mediation credit up to $25,000
  • Supplemental coverage for Insured ex

Specialty Markets

Other Specialty Markets:

Employs 40 non-managerial full time a/e underwriters on PLI program

Underwriting Restrictions

Other Underwriting Restrictions:

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Special Exclusions / Conditions

Other Special Exclusions:

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Deductibles and Limits

Minimum Deductible: None
Maximum Deductible: None
Coverage Limits: $10,000,000