Rectification Coverage Facilitates Design-Build Leadership for Architects

As the market for the creation of capital assets moves increasingly toward design-build, many architecture firms have found themselves in the difficult position of being a subcontractor to a design-builder who often is a construction contractor. Serving their client—the design-build entity—and not the ultimate project client can create communication and ethical problems for the architecture firm. Read more »


The AIA Trust has developed a number of new benefits for AIA members to navigate through national health reform. Check out these resources designed to help you—whether you are a firm owner, full or part-time employee, or contract worker. Read more »

Plan for LIFE in Retirement

Many financial companies encourage Americans to plan for retirement, but retirement is more than an event—it’s a long term experience. So that means it is extremely important as well as enjoyable to plan for life in retirement, to plan for moments of exhilaration coupled with spans of relaxation.  Read more »

Going to Atlanta?

If you’re planning to attend the AIA National Convention in Atlanta next month, don’t miss out on all that the AIA Trust has to offer you. Read more »

Why Would You Need Disability Insurance If You Have It at Work?

If you have disability insurance at work, you may think there isn’t any reason to buy a policy on your own; however, employer disability coverage may not be enough to address your needs.

Having disability insurance at work is a great start since the policy can help financially if you become sick or injured and are unable to work. Read more »

Find Out the Risks and Benefits of Going Green

The AIA Trust white paper on Managing The Risks and Embracing The Benefits of Going Green first authored in 2008 was just updated in 2014 to reflect the many changes that have occurred in this arena, including in state and local laws and regulations. Read more »

Springtime Safety and Maintenance Tips

Ready for spring? After such a tough winter, we all are. But before we can fully enjoy spring time, we may first need to clean up some of the damage caused by winter. You can prepare for the upcoming season with these spring home maintenance tips. Read more »