Drone: Bird, Plane, Predator or Liability?

Unmanned aerial systems (more commonly known as drones) are soon to be an integral part of the design and construction industry. The U.S. Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) is moving forward on setting up general requirements and granting permits so that commercial entities can tap into the potential of drones for a broad range of observation and exploration purposes. Read more »

Leaving Money on the Table?

As an architect and possibly a firm owner, you work long, hard hours to maximize revenue and manage costs. You wouldn’t think of overpaying thousands of dollars for labor or building supplies, or letting cash go unaccounted for, but unfortunately when it comes to retirement plans, many firm owners leave a lot of money “on the table” without even realizing it. How does this happen? Read more »

The Safe Way to Rent a Car

When you rent a vehicle, it’s important to give it a quick safety check before you leave the rental agency parking lot. Just a few minutes can potentially save you a major headache down the road. Here’s a list of a few important items to look for: Read more »

Rectification Coverage Facilitates Design-Build Leadership for Architects

As the market for the creation of capital assets moves increasingly toward design-build, many architecture firms have found themselves in the difficult position of being a subcontractor to a design-builder who often is a construction contractor. Serving their client—the design-build entity—and not the ultimate project client can create communication and ethical problems for the architecture firm. Read more »